Uses of Service


One of the most important factors that all successful businesses know and embrace is this; regular contact with the customer is the surest way to business growth.


Communicating with your customer, not only shows your interest in them but that your business is relevant to their needs; in this lies a golden opportunity that leads to effortless repeat business.


Building customer loyalty is an on-going process. However, the truth is that most businesses neither have the time nor the resources to contact their customers consistently. Thus, failing to exploit the potential revenue locked away in their customer /prospect base. Client interaction is moving to the next level as competition drives productivity and clients’ expectations evolve. Offering client alerts of timely information determines your level of service and your ability to adapt new technology into your operations. No matter the size of your clientele, providing a smooth and highly proficient mode of communication will promote business relationships.


Relationship Management Texting(RMT) provides a highly affordable means for businesses to interact with their clients at a fraction of the costs of telephone calls. RMT facilitates mobile marketing, will build your business, and acquire a database of clients for future target marketing. RMT allows businesses to facilitate the following:


  1. Improved Work Efficiency- Multiple messages can be sent out to a large number of recipients simultaneously, eliminating the need to call each individual separately.
  2. Saves Time – Customers use much less time to read a message than logging onto a website or receiving phone calls from businesses.
  3. Increased Customer Satisfaction – Customers receive only relevant and useful information thus establishing a more personal both-way relationship.
  4. Decrease Advertising Costs – Send out marketing offers to customers first.


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