Website Marketing and Promotion

Without marketing and internet marketing, no e-business strategy can be successful. Creating a website presence is the first step in a succession of actions. Website marketing and website promotion should be essential parts of your e-business management strategy. The worldwide scale of internet access and it’s full-time availability are two of the most powerful strengths of a website. No other media combines both advantages, not even television: always available, all over the world. Internet marketing and web site promotion are worth it!

Search Engine Optimization

Why do you need search engine optimization? 56.5 billion web pages are indexed through Google. There are more than 200 million inactive websites.

75% of web sites are first found through the use of search engines like Google. The first ten to thirty web sites shown by the search engines as search results get 98% of the visitor’s attention. Many words generate more than 30 million searches per month. Don’t let this targeted traffic run away to your competitors! Thanks to professional search engine optimization, many targeted visitors looking for your services or products could become visitors or customers of your web site! But search engine optimization is complex. Search engines keep their algorithms and rules secret to avoid manipulations and change them continuously. If you want results, your web site should be present on page one, two, or three of the search engine results. This is why search engine optimization is best executed by a professional team. We provide this expertise and prove our results with facts. Let us help you achieve amazing search engine positioning!